You are not alone.

Mama Bird Wellness is dedicated to supporting pregnant and postpartum women through their experiences with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. A compassionate, listening ear, a holistic approach rooted in clinically sound mental health counseling practices, and a personal understanding of the dynamics of postpartum depression and anxiety await. 

As many as 1 in 5 women suffer from depression, anxiety or a similar mental health challenge during pregnancy and in the first year postpartum. Many moms face these disorders without treatment because they are unsure if what they are experiencing is considered "normal", they might be faced with feelings of fear, doubt, or shame, or they may be afraid to ask for help for fear of being labeled as a "bad mother". 

There is no need to suffer alone. There is support. There is hope. You will be well again.

If you find yourself feeling down, anxious, or having unusual thoughts or worries, let's partner together to ensure you get the support you need to get on the path to wellness as soon as possible. I am currently on an extended maternity leave myself but am available to help connect you with resources in our community and ensure you hear you are not alone, there is support, and you will be well again.